What Causes Schizophrenia?

Nobody is fully sure what the cause of schizophrenia is.  Doctors have been on the hunt for many decades now but the confusion still remains, largely because there are so many variables involved and schizophrenia is so complex.  It seems like there are aspects that are related directly to the brain, including its physical structure and neurochemical transmitter levels.  There are also indications that it is related to the environment and the experiences of the person’s life.

Despite all of the various contributions that can exist that come together to create schizophrenia, it is still possible to create a diagnosis, and we have found medications that seem to work very well in helping reduce the symptoms intensity.

Some of the environmental factors that might help cause schizophrenia are related to viruses that the baby may be exposed to or substance abuse by the person or their parent, lack of certain vitamins and minerals needed as a baby, and even stressful trauma situations.  There are so many possibilities that it’s truly endless.