What are the Symptoms of Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia causes certain things to happen to an individual, and these symptoms can be classified in two categories: positive and negative symptoms.  Positive symptoms are the kind that lead to a wider range of behavior for the individual, such as feeling an extreme emotional delusion or seeing hallucinations that aren’t there.  Negative symptoms are different in that there is less action and a smaller range of behavior involved.  People can act as if they are in a coma on the outside, barely moving or doing the same repetitive movements over and over again.  They can also just feel like they are in a coma, as if their emotions are dead.

Positive symptoms can have you feeling, smelling, seeing, and hearing things that aren’t there.  You can even taste things that aren’t there.  It can lead to believing strange things about the government, aliens, and more.  Paranoia sets in and you can think all kinds of people are out to get you.  It can get out of hand quickly.  Negative symptoms can affect the speech, interest in activities and life in general, social life, and more.  The main problem with all of this is that the person suffering with schizophrenia may not realize they are even ill.