Louis Wain: Schizophrenic Cat Painter

A great example of a man who became schizophrenic but was able to harness his illness and mix it with his creativity for a living was Louis Wain.  This man earned a living by painting cats in comical situations.  They all resembled humans and would go golfing or eat at the dinner table and host parties.  But eventually as he became more sick, his cats started resembling bizarre portraits of very unique color combinations with strange facial expressions.

Louis Wain’s paintings are very valuable and have been featured all around the world in many books, magazines, and newspapers.  They are still celebrated as great art, and his most recent and strangest are seen as a peculiarity among the medical and art community.  Where it just began as weird backgrounds behind his cats who had scared looks on their faces became completely monstrous cats with unrecognizable faces, like multi-dimensional creatures.

Louis Wain developed what is called the paranoid schizophrenia type, which can be very debilitating.  He ultimately ended up spending the rest of his days in an assisted living home, painting the cats that ran free in the garden there.